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WBENC Certification Process

The following is a list of documentation required to process for certification application. We recommend compiling all documents in advance before starting your online application.

Step 2: If Eligible, Gather Documents

If you are eligible for certifications, use our Certification Documents Checklist.


The certification application requires several documents and pieces of information. First, review each required document on the list. Then, indicate the status of each document. For example: Are you working on getting the document? Is the document not applicable to your business? Is the document ready for review? Do you need help with a document?


Once you have completed the Checklist by indicating the status of each document, be sure to press “Submit” to send it to our Business Center. We will review and contact you shortly with ways to help with components of your application.


For more information, you can also check out WBENC’s documents list and clarifications or

the SBA WOSB website and FAQs.

Step 3: Complete & Submit Online Application

Once all your documents are ready, we can provide support for your online application. WBENC applications must be completed within 90 days. Otherwise, you will need to restart an application. Therefore, we highly recommend completing the above steps first.


Once your application is completed, you will need to submit and pay a non-refundable processing fee directly to WBENC. The certification fee amount depends on your business annual gross revenue as reported on federal taxes:


Revenue Category

  • Under $1 million: $350

  • $1M < $5M: $500

  • $5M < $10M: $750

  • $10M < $50M: $1,000

  • $50M+: $1,250


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Business Center can help with your online application. However, you are responsible for completing and uploading all required documents, paying the application fee (see above), and checking emails and phone calls regularly during the 90-day WBENC review period to answer any questions that may come up.

Step 4: Stay Tuned During 90-Day Review & Site Visit

The WBENC review process takes approximately 90 days after your application is deemed complete. During this period, be sure to check your emails and phone messages regularly in case there are information requests from WBENC that may be time sensitive.


During this period, the WBENC Certification Committee reviews your application. WBENC will also arrange for a site visit with you. During the pandemic, site visits have generally been conducted via video conference; however, the situation may change over time. The applicant does not pay for the site visits. All site visits are scheduled with the business owner in advance.

Step 5: Receive WBENC Determination

Once WBENC has completed their review, they will notify you via email about the determination.


If you are certified, congratulations! You will now have access to wide range of benefits, including use of the WBE Seal and/or Women Owned Logo. Learn more on the WBENC website. This is the start of your procurement journey!


Contact us at or (808) 695-2627. Please be as specific as possible so we can best assist you. Thank you for your interest!



Note: The Business Center does not endorse any third parties by providing information or links, which are only for reference and convenience. The links may go to third-party websites, which the Business Center does not control or manage. The Business Center is not responsible for information, which may change without notice.

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