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The Hierarchy of a Dollar with Financial Consultant Mariko Gordon
MBDA Enterprising Women of Color

The Hierarchy of a Dollar with Financial Consultant Mariko Gordon

It's not true that two dollar bills are always worth the same. They often aren't. Want to have more money? Learn how to value your dollars correctly, deploy them with confidence so you can spend wisely. - You’ll make better business and money decisions when you learn why a dollar today is worth more than a dollar tomorrow - Why your sunk cost has nothing to do with its market value - How to offer the right sized discount - You’ll negotiate on terms, not just price, and put more money in your pocket This event is brought to you by the Enterprising Women of Color Business Center, featuring financial consultant Mariko Gordon, CFA to learn the value of your business dollars. Meet the Financial Consultant Mariko Gordon built a $2.5B money management firm from scratch, flying her freak flag high. It had a weird name, a non-Wall Street culture, and a quirky communication style. In 1995, when Mariko founded Daruma, only a handful of women of color owned their firms. She had to noodle out how to run a business while daily duking it out with Mr. Market and raising a family. Today she mentors women who want to start a business, turn their side hustle into their living, better manage their finances, or work through a tricky patch in life or business. She is also a poet, hypnotist, life coach, hula dancer, and Treasurer on the Board of the Asian American Writers’ Workshop. View the original program here:

Women In Business

KITV-4- Pacific Edge magazine

First aired July 8, 2021 on KITV-4

MBDA EWOC Business Center at YWCA O'ahu is pleased to be one of many sponsors for this show.

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