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Recertify Annually

WBENC certifications last one year. Be sure to complete your annual re-certification. It is suggested you start the recertification process at least 90 days prior to expiration.

Based on the WBENC website:

  • The recertification process is much simpler, and all the initial documents are not required; however, WBENC requests a renewed Sworn Affidavit, WBENCLink2.0 User Agreement, updated financial information, board meeting minutes (if applicable), and any supporting documents to support changes that may have occurred in either ownership or management of the business.


  • If you apply for your recertification early, the expiration date does not change. The current certification is still valid for a period of one year.


  • The recertification fee is the same fee schedule as initial applications. The amount depends on your business annual gross revenue as reported on federal taxes:


Revenue Category

  • Under $1 million: $350

  • $1M < $5M: $500

  • $5M < $10M: $750

  • $10M < $50M: $1,000

  • $50M+: $1,250


  • Additionally, an on-site visit must be performed every three years as part of the re-certification process (or more frequently at the Certification Review Committee’s discretion). The applicant does not pay for any of the site visits. All site visits are scheduled with the owner in advance.


For more information and other FAQs, please visit the WBENC website.


Contact us at or (808) 695-2627. Please be as specific as possible so we can best assist you. Thank you for your interest!



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