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CEO, Parallel Connections Corporation


Financial counseling client, Marketing Bootcamp participant, and YWomen in Business Accelerator participant

Christy Tatsey is an enrolled member of the Blackfeet Tribe of the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana, and she wears her heritage with pride. She moved to the island of Kauai in 2014 with her sister.

Christy is living proof of what happens when you work hard and capitalize on opportunities that come your way. When unexpectedly offered a position as an office manager, Christy developed a knack for the QuickBooks accounting system and historical auditing. “I really enjoyed that type of work,” she reflected. “I didn’t know how much I enjoyed numbers until I did it. QuickBooks is such a complex program, but I enjoy it.”

During the pandemic, Christy met a businesswoman on Kauai and provided her with bookkeeping services. This woman mentored her, and eventually, Christy started her virtual assistants business, Parallel Connections Corporation, in 2021. Parallel Connections Corporation now services clients across the island, handling administrative tasks, bookkeeping, and payroll.

“We’re committed to helping businesses and entrepreneurs succeed. Our company was founded amid the pandemic with core values based on integrity, accuracy, and professionalism,” Christy explained. “Parallel Connections is personable and proactive with each project that comes our way. We deliver peace of mind to each client by supporting their unique business needs and giving them the freedom to think strategically.”

As a single mother, Christy’s two daughters motivate her, and she works tirelessly to provide them with a quality life. She believes in setting a positive example for them by giving back to the community as a volunteer firefighter. Christy is also a photographer and recently offered senior portraits for students who couldn’t afford them at her daughter's school.

Throughout Christy’s journey, there were moments when she felt like she was asking her mentors “stupid questions,” and now, when she encounters clients with the same questions, she can provide them with support and encouragement. “The mentality of many people I encountered was that I needed to struggle through it and figure it out on my own because ‘That’s how I learned, that’s how you have to learn,’” she said. “I made these mistakes, so you don’t have to. I want you [my clients] to grasp these concepts instead of struggling, especially when busy with other business aspects. Knowledge should be shared.”

Christy learned about the MBDA Enterprising Women of Color Business Center in September 2021 while performing capital research for a client. She was astonished by the structure of the programs and the various services offered to woman-owned businesses. She found the Center’s staff and contractors to be so personable and accommodating. Christy completed a one-on-one financial counseling session with Cammie Chun, Marketing Bootcamp with Ryan Mae Sweeney, and is currently enrolled in the inaugural cohort of the YWomen in Business Accelerator with Mariko Gordon.

“Mariko’s cohort intrigued me with her authentic approach to addressing finances. Many emotions surfaced when I started filling out the paperwork to apply for the accelerator cohort,” Christy said. “We discussed the root of my beliefs and how to create an intimate relationship with my business financials. I genuinely enjoy Mariko’s weekly transparency and am more curious and grounded than ever. I highly recommend this cohort to women who want to master their business financials with confidence.”

Christy is enrolled in an accounting program and plans to sit for the CPA exam. Additionally, her goal is to make Parallel Connections the go-to financial company for small- and medium-sized businesses while always going above and beyond and facing challenges head-on. She’s committed to retaining the same thirst for success she exhibited as a teen mom that propelled her to graduate high school early and earn an associate’s degree. Most importantly, Christy will continue creating a legacy for her daughters to follow, embracing her heritage, and serving her community.

To her fellow woman entrepreneurs and small business owners, Christy offers the following advice: “Remember to possess inner strength and competence, even on challenging days. Keep pressing on with composure and an accepting attitude. If you require assistance, don’t hesitate to seek it out. Additionally, I encourage you to pay it forward and assist others whenever possible.”

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